“It's a nice casual place that is odd enough to be cool but not so exclusively weird that you will get snickered at if you are wearing something from Eddie Bauer. The crust is delicious and not too thick, the ingredients are fantastically fresh and the atmosphere is friendly and fun.”  

– SuzW300 (Tripadvisor) 


“I like that it is small dining area with a big kitchen. It changes the management approach.” The focus, he said, is on “making the food really good, not filling lots of seats.”  

 Columbia Daily Tribune

"Pizza Tree is distinct from other Downtown pizzerias because the ingredients and combinations used to make its pies are so unconventional."

– Feast Magazine


“Pizza Tree isn’t like the red-and-white-checkered cloth Johnny’s Italian Restaurant Pizza Shop,” he says. “This is something a little funkier.”

– VOX Magazine