Pizza Partyin' Hard in downtown Columbia since October, 2014!

Pizza Tree opened at 909 Cherry Street in October 2014, equipped with a Pizza Master oven and a great crew filled with pizza dreams. Johnny G, pizza dreamer #1, opened the shop after working in pizza restaurants for years, embarking on a pizza odyssey, opening & closing the first Pizza Tree in Mojo’s, and making many pies along the way. 

Whether you're ordering a classic pie or something more adventurous, Pizza Tree will deliver on quality, taste. and fun. We use the best ingredients we can find, and make as many things as we can in house. Starting with the best flour milled in America and finishing with your addition of Kill Da Wabbit hot sauce, our pizza is delicious and pretty darn special. 

Step into the pizza shop, or the Treehouse as we like to call it for a slice of Columbia culture with your slice of pizza. We love being a part of the downtown community and contributing to the quirky & fun center of our city. We proudly display pizza art throughout the shop and fully support everyone's right to pizza party as hard as they would like.


Pizza Tree the theme song! Performed by Johnny G, video by Chase Thompson

We opened our first shop at Mojo's in 7 days. Documentary by Chase Thompson