It’s true what they say:
Great pizza is made by great people with great ingredients

Pizza Tree pizza tastes great because we use high quality ingredients made with love! Here are some things we are proud of:

  • Our dough is mixed with high quality bromate free unbleached flour, our very own sourdough, olive oil, and honey. We make pizza sauce and shred all kinds of cheese every day.

  • We love our Ezzo pepperoni, aka the greatest thing in the world, and we use Boone county pork from Patchwork Family Farms.

  • We use fresh veggies and sometimes spice em up like our pickled red onions, roasted perfect mushrooms, and charred artichokes

  • We go out of our way to prepare our toppings in house, from the kimchi to the cured Canadian bacon.

  • Top it all off with house made ranch (it's good on everything) or Kill Da Wabbit, our carrot based hot sauce!

  • Don't forget to wash it down with a Logboat beer!!!