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Do you sell pizza by the slice?
ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!! We always have Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Secret Margherita, & Cheese+Sauce by the slice, plus 2-3 specialty pies rotating each day! We even sell late night slices Thurs-Sat till 2am!

Will you deliver to my house?
Hopefully! We have a pretty big delivery range but just call the shop and ask our friendly delivery driver to make sure. If you are too far out, you can order from The Delivery Guy and he will come find you.

Can I buy gift certificates for all my friend's birthday parties?
Yes! Just come into the shop and ask for a gift certificate! You can make it for any amount, because it's literally a paper certificate that we write on. 

Do you sell t-shirts and stuff?
Great question!!! We sell Pizza Tree t-shirts and hats and sticker packets and soon we will even have coozies! Just come into the shop to check out the goods. 

Do you have gluten free pizza?
We love all pizza partiers even if their bodies and/or souls reject the gluten. So we import the fanciest of gluten free 12" crusts and make pizza on them the best we can. Not recommended for celiacs folks since there is an abundance of flour in our kitchen.

Why are you asking for my e-mail address?
We ask for your e-mail address when you log in to our wifi or sign up for our newsletter so we can send you an occasional e-mail filled with pizza news, specials, and deals. We promise the only spam you’ll ever receive from us will be on your pizza, if we ever decide to offer spam as an ingredient, and we will never give your info away to our competitors (or to anyone else!)